Why is so much communication miscommunication?

Author: Carrie Wallis 10 April2017

communication in relationships

Have you ever wondered why your message isn't getting through? 

Or perhaps you find that every time you talk to someone they instantly get the point of what you are saying and you wonder why?

​If you find that you feel you are talking to a brick wall much of the time read on.....

Many people find that while they think they are ​communicating effectively and clearly, the reality is the message they want to convey is not getting through.

Why is this?

​Communication is a complex area, while on the face of it, it is simple: I talk, you hear? the reality can be very different.

​Have you ever found yourself wondering if you are talking in another language when you are trying to get your point across?

​Do you ever find people looking puzzled when you think you are being crystal clear?

​Consider, for example, the situation where someone from Australia is talking to someone from England about casual footwear worn in the summer. The Australian could say "So you know I love wearing thongs, they are cool and keep my feet from sweating in the hot summer sun"
​and the person from England is looking puzzled, to them, a "thong" is a piece of ladies' underwear and the shoe that keeps your feet cool in summer is called a "flip flop".

​A simple example, I agree, yet it illustrates just one way that communication can become confused and mixed messages sent.

​It is common for many to feel they are talking to a brick wall when they know the message they want to convey is a simple one.

Has this ever happened to you?

How exactly can we ensure that what we want to say is what is being heard by the other party?

​If you want to discover how you can feel heard more of the time, register for the free workshop I developed to tackle this vexing issue. In this workshop, you will learn how communication happens and so gain an understanding of why so much communication misses its mark.

You will discover the sort of barriers that can arise when communicating and, most importantly, how to overcome them.

​You will learn how to ensure your communication clearly conveys your needs whilst respecting the values and needs of the other party.

I have packed this workshop with many practical tips and strategies that you can immediately apply to improve your communication and leave you feeling good about yourself and how you communicate, no matter the outcome of the conversation.

If you are a coach, consultant, or therapist where communication is vital to your business success. This workshop is for you.

If you are in a relationship where you feel your voice does not count. This workshop is for you.

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