Finding Joy Again

Author: Carrie Wallis 23 Sep 2021

Remember that your loved one is in your heart. 

Although they may be physically gone, they're still close by. You're still able to speak to them, feel close to them, and have them in your life. Any time you feel the need to feel closer to your loved one, go into a quiet room and close your eyes, then say a prayer or speak to them within your heart.  

This simple strategy can be done at anytime and you can recall all the joys and happiness from you past to cheer you up.  

Keep talking about them

If you love and miss this person so much, chances are there are others out there who feel exactly the same way. Don't stop talking about your loved one just because they have physically passed away. Talk about the memories, the good times, the bad times, the funny times, and the sad times. Just don't stop talking and sharing with others about this person. If something reminds you of this person, tell others. Celebrate the amazing life they had and always keep their memories alive.  

Create their legacy

When someone we love passes on, we don't want people to forget the impact this person made when they were here. A simple idea is to do something in memory of this person that will live on forever. For example, you can plant a tree, donate to their favorite charity, or create a scholarship in their name.  

Know that they would want you to be happy

The person you cared for so deeply would want you to be happy and deep down inside you know this too.  

They would want you to go out and live your life to the fullest. Doing this doesn't mean you're forgetting them, because they'll always be with you in your heart.  

It's time to leave an impact on someone else just like your loved one impacted you.  

The loss of a loved one is never easy. We all take time to grieve our loss in our own way. Know that there will come a time when you can remember them without the raw anhuish of loss. They are a part of you, and always will be. Carry our loved one in our heart and memories.  

We must go out and make them proud of us, and they'll continue to be right by our side as we move forward again.  


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About The Author

Carrie Wallis has experienced significant trauma herself. Losing her husband and father of her children to cancer when her children were still young was a devastating blow. This was then followed a few years later by her own battle with cancer and the terrifying prospect that her beloved children might be left orphaned. She knows what it's like to look to a future that seems bleak.

These experiences are what made her take qualifications in counselling. Initially, she wanted help to deal with her own grief and know how to better handle her children's reactions. Once qualified she extended her already flourishing business to add a counselling arm so that she could support others experiencing their own struggles and grief.

When she is not serving her clients she can be found playing board games with her family or out walking their lively mini-foxy dog in the Australian bush.