Are you sick of being on a journey?

Author: Carrie Wallis 26 Jun 2015

sick of being on a journey

Do you get tired of overused phrases such as:

"it's not the destination but the journey"

and "life is a journey".

Sometimes such phrases are so overused they begin to lose meaning as we switch off when we hear them.

Are you tired of hearing that you are on a journey?

Are you fed up being told that you are on a road to something?

What does it really mean?

Maybe you would agree that there are things in your life you want to achieve but have not done so, yet; and probably most of us would agree that we change as we go through life with the events we experience and relationships we encounter all having an effect on us. Most of us want success in our lives and recognise that it is unlikely to happen overnight.

But sometimes there are phrases and words that are used excessively in our language. Such that their meaning becomes lost.

We believe that throughout our lives we change. Passions we had as a teenager or in our early twenties seem less important or vital as we reach middle age or beyond.

As we go through life we discover new facts, learn new knowledge, get ideas from what we read or see in the media. People we meet can influence us, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. We all leave an impression of those we come into contact with. It is up to us to choose whether that impression we leave is a positive or negative one.

There is no doubt that traumatic events can leave a lasting impression on us, change us in some way. The loss of a loved one for example can leave us with a sense of loss, a sense that something is missing, that somehow the world feels and looks different. When my husband died of cancer in 2008 the world looked the same but it felt so very different. It was as if someone had thrown all the pieces up in the air and when they landed they were slightly out of place.

But even events that are not so dramatic can change us. Perhaps they will spark an idea or help us see things in a different light. 

These changes do not happen in isolation, they are the result of many smaller changes that we probably do not even realise are happening but that have gone before.

So ask yourself, what is one thing you can do today, one small thing that will start you on the path to success?


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