Watch Below for Simple Tips to Help You Manage Stress

Author: Carrie Wallis 18 Jul 2019

Build Resilience to Relieve Stress

Have you ever found yourself saying "just give me a moment of peace?" In today's ever-busy world life can feel like a merry-go-round that never stops.

Resilience is a way to better cope with adversity and manage stress. Enjoy this free workshop training to discover how we are biologically pre-programmed to feel stress, and how to cope.

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Build Resilience

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About The Author

Having survived her own personal traumas & loss, Carrie's resilience enabled her to build a successful transformational, coaching, counselling business both in the UK and Australia, with clients worldwide.  

Carrie loves to share her knowledge so that you can overcome the biggest obstacles and stop self-sabotage. You'll love her strategies that give you the mindset to persist and achieve so that you can shine from within radiating confidence.

When she is not serving her clients she can be found playing board games with her family or out walking their lively mini-foxy dog in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Australia.