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You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

Author: Carrie Wallis 10 Sep 2015

becoming confident

Where is your confidence meter pointing? 

How much weight do you place on what others say about you?

Do you have the inner calm and peace that comes from knowing who you are and the confidence to do whatever you desire?

Few people do... stop holding yourself back, live the life you deserve.

Are you blocking your own success? Do you make progress then sabotage your chances?

Have you ever envied a superhero for having supernatural powers?

I think we all have?

Just imagine how cool and fascinating it would be to become invisible even for just a minute or two, to fly across mountains and seas, to climb tall buildings and walls, to create fire or ice depending on what the situation needs, or to simply have that special physical strength to be able to do things that normal people can't do. But are these kinds of power only necessary to make us superior over others? 

When it comes to real people in the real world, we can never possess any of these supernatural physical powers. What we have is the power to mold our personality, to shape our future, to create our destiny, and to determine who and what we are - a power greater than any other supernatural powers, a power that builds reality and not mere imagination, a power which everyone possesses and can make him a hero in his own ways. 

This is the power of the mind. 

Funny how we tend to be so addicted to looking outside ourselves that we have almost totally lost access to our inner being.

We can be so afraid to look inward because we might not be happy with what we could see. We make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves. Therefore, we settle on observing things outside of our own. We make comparisons, judgments, and evaluations which only lead us to conclude and, worse, accept the fact that we are inferior among others. 

What we don't know is that we have the power to reverse what the outside world makes us believe in. 

If it says that we are wrong, we have the power to make us right. 

If it says we are losers, we have the power to be winners. 

If it says we are non-existent, we have the power to make everyone see that we are alive and surviving. 

And that is how the power of our mind works - making us more supreme, invincible, and indestructible than any other superhero is.

If the world says you can't, say 'I can. Therefore, I will.'

Stop living your life according to what others say and start living how YOU want to.

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